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The Indian Luxury Expo brings leading luxury brands across 20 lifestyle segments to an elite and discerning target audience. A plush, three-day affair, the black, white and grey dress theme is in conjunction with a perfect setting that measures and breathes luxury. Every single component associated with the expo is magnificent. The evenings are lavishly designed and are a homogeneous mix of sumptuous food, highly entertaining stand-up comedy, plays, live music and champagne. Guests visiting the show are invited via personal invitation. These clients are carefully selected by members of advisory board (an amalgamation of 30 experts) as well as our luxury partner’s portfolios and databases. The inaugural expo hosted in Hyderabad showcased 50 brands that cut across various segments. The expo aims to explore the luxury segments in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chandigarh and Coimbatore in the coming years.

TILE Concept

Luxury is indulgence of the senses. There is an order to this indulgence. Together the senses define our context and our civilizations. Throughout history, luxury has defined clusters of civilizations. Early strongholds of prosperity in history clustered along the Nile and Euphrates as well as the Silk Road. Babylon, Persepolis and Samarkand defined luxury of that era and the then prevalent civilisations prospered. When the Phoenicians prevailed because of their extensive trade, the Mediterranean flourished economically. Strongholds of Mediterranean prosperity then were Athens and Rome; cities like Florence and Venice evolved eventually into the first clusters of luxury hubs that gave rise to technological and aesthetic revolutions.

During the Industrial Revolution London, Manchester and Liverpool flourished economically and, once again, redefined luxury. In the 19th and 20th centuries significant commercial hubs developed on the US – East Coast and afterwards on the US – West Coast. These changes in economic geography have been triggered by discoveries and inventions.

Luxury consumption spearheads a country’s growth economy.

India is set to become the world's fastest wealth creator in the next few years. Currently India has over 150,000 dollar millionaires. Over a million and a half Indians have more than 100,000 USD in liquid wealth. The Indian customer is spending more on luxury items, whose market is pegged at a whopping Rs 650 billion (US$14.6 billion) and growing at about 14 per cent a year, a new study reveals.

Affluence is indeed an indulgence of the senses. Affluence’s greatest enemy is vulgarity, sharing its best virtue. The Indian Luxury Expo is truly a platform to share the affluence of a nation. And participate in it with revelry and hope.

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