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Charles Martin is the director of the Martin Group of Companies. As the eldest son of Mr. Santiago Martin, he is groomed with an entrepreneurial state of mind and a passionate forethought upon every business opportunity that enables him “to pursue his great vision and mission of becoming one of the world’s best businessmen”. Charles Martin is an adaptable individual with a knack of taking the right risks to grow in a strategic direction. Among several of his innovative business ideas, is “the formation of the Health City” at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India - which has been considered by many as a rather unique concept.

Some of his currently held business positions include L & C Media (SS Music Channel): Managing Director, and director to: Martin Property Developers Pvt. Ltd., Martin Fabrics Pvt. Ltd., Martin Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd., Hall Marc Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Hall Marc Techno Park Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore (proposed IT SEZ), Priana Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd., Martin Skyscrapers Pvt. Ltd., Daisy Fashions Pvt. Ltd., Charles Luxury Villas Pvt. Ltd. and M and C Property Development Pvt. Ltd.