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Frequently Asked Questions

Why and how is TILE different from the other expos of the country?
The Indian Luxury Expo (TILE) is one of its kind expo in luxury segments. It is a pan-India exhibition to be held in 7 cities in India across 12 months. A luxury expo with such a vast geographic coverage has not yet been planned in India. On such a huge platform, a wide assortment of luxury and affluent brands of global stature shall be exhibited ranging in various categories. The segments include Yachts, Aircrafts, Helicopters, Cars, Bikes, Interior decor, Jewellery, Couture, Accessories, Watches, Fragrances, Beverages, Appliances, Art & Collectibles, Luxury Homes, Travel, Banking and more. The expo comprises of a highly esteemed advisory board and personally invited guests, which makes it a perfect opportunity for networking and socialising as well.
How have the members of the advisory board been selected and what are their roles?
The Expo will be an annual extravaganza that will be guided by the 30 handpicked members of its advisory board being formed with just one underlying principle – our members understand luxury in all its dimensions. They are extremely valued and resected individuals from various walks of life such as-politics, art, fashion, media, the Indian film industry, business, sports, banking and socialites. Indeed, as you know luxury is indulgence of the senses. The board will advise us not only on the reputation quotient of the expo, but the members will also be a part of the screening process for the brands as well as the visitors. The Advisory Board might be reshuffled after three years.
Are you going to mix all the categories together on the floor plan, or will you allocate sections for each category?
The floors will be divided into different categories. Each category will have not more than a couple of brands. Competing brands will be earmarked with a minimum 20,000 square feet gap, as per the design parameters set up by renowned designers Ameer & Hameeda. This provides exhibitors with more freedom of choice when selecting an area.


Which exhibitors have already confirmed participation?

Featuring carefully selected categories ranging from rare art works to fine jewellery, hand-crafted watches to luxury travel, exquisite furnishings to deluxe automobiles. All participating exhibitors are leaders in their respective fields, executing superior design and striving for the ultimate in quality and perfection. Several big ticket luxury brands have already confirmed their participation, subject to a time-bound confidentiality. The names can be revealed only after the confidentiality tenure has expired.

We have extended invitations to exhibit to only the “true” luxury brands, and we are presently engaged in discussions with a few more select group of global brands and local distributors.The bookings for the expo begin from September 1st, 2012. Every brand is required to be approved by the advisory board and the management of TILE by October 23rd, 2012.

Are we permitted to sell our products from the exhibition stand during the Expo?
Exhibitors are permitted to sell their goods & services at The Indian Luxury Expo provided they have complied with all the Customs rules & regulations as per the laws of the land. The commitment of the Expo would, however, extend to brand visibility and generating leads.


How will attendance be managed?

The Indian Luxury Expo will showcase the world’s leading luxury brands of the highest calibre to a strictly-by-invitation audience during the three day exhibition that will exhibit masterpieces of renowned national and international brands to a highly discerning guest list from across the world.

Attendance at the Expo will be by invitation only. This will allow us to restrict access to the Expo towards an ultra-affluent target market, relevant to our exhibitors, and important to the success of the project. Many of the delegate invitations will be for VIP’s and dignitaries representing the ultra-affluent, royalty, diplomats, business leaders, etc. We will also be targeting a select list of celebrities to attend.

A client interested in visiting the Expo may send a request to receive a personal e-invitation in advance to info@theindianluxuryexpo.com or register on the web at: www.theindianluxuryexpo.com The request is subject to approval by the TILE Management and does not guarantee an invitation to attend the Indian Luxury Expo.

How many visitors are you expecting?
The event is not based on volume, but on the quality of attendance. We are looking to attract a maximum of 3,000 affluent visitors each day or a total of 10,000 unique visitors over the three days.


We like to know how and where this event will be promoted.

A comprehensive, multifaceted Public Relations campaign targeting a range of stakeholders is already underway. The event will be promoted in English and Regional Languages via all major local and international media distribution channels i.e. TV, newspapers, magazines and online platforms. Key media will be hosted at the event and will have 24-hour access to fully-functional high-tech media room to enable immediate distribution of photographic and editorial coverage.

A media campaign will be implemented in mainstream media in Indian Metros in the lead up to the Indian Luxury Expo(billboards, newspapers, magazines).Our media partner for the expo will run full page advertisements and editorial in various editions commencing October, 2012. Other media partnerships will be announced shortly.

Once a brand is signed, we would expect the brand to run parallel communication campaigns including ad-campaigns, PR and marketing buzz. For the debut event, the brands will have only about a month to promote themselves for the Expo. The questions given below, further discuss the possibility of the participating brands and exhibitors to conduct events at their arenas.

Can any events take place at our stand during the Expo?

Events can take place at the stand from 1600 hrs – 0100 hrs.

Are there any advertising restrictions at our stand?

Advertising of all kinds is only permitted within the exhibitor’s official stand area. Promotion teams may operate only with special permission. No information material of a political nature may be distributed in the form of posters, information material etc. Moreover, no political statement may be included in the design and decoration of the stands. It is forbidden to stick posters and other stickers on the wall and the floor outside the hired stand.

Advertising by means of loudspeakers, the display of slides or films, or the inclusion of performances or shows, require the written approval of the management. Written approval must also be obtained for the use of other equipments and installations intended to enhance the impact of advertising either optically or acoustically. Advertising of a religious or political nature is strictly prohibited.

We would like to know if you could share your database with us.

The information our clients share with us is confidential and treated as such. This information also forms part of the intellectual property of Jukebox the Group; therefore we would not be in a position to share this with external parties.

However, we would be happy to disseminate marketing messages to our database on your behalf. We would also be happy to share information with you on profiles of our attendance at the Expo.


Exhibitors are responsible for their own stand design and construction (power is provided). The Organisers will be pleased to offer advice and guidance and can provide a fully comprehensive service if required. The space rental includes: heating, ballroom lighting, and ballroom supervision, cleaning of gangways, as well as electricity and water consumption. Installations of electricity and water, partition walls, according to requirements, must in all cases be expressly ordered.

Are there any restrictions on Stand Design?

All exhibitors’ construction plans (floor plan and front view) must be submitted in duplicate to The Indian Luxury Expo for approval. The exhibition stand must comply with the overall plan for the exhibition. The following would come in handy for stall designs and is recommended for its quality

  • www.instaexhibitions.com
  • www.jamboostudio.com
  • During the hours that the Expo is open, the stand must be correctly equipped and furnished, and staffed by competent personnel throughout the duration of the exhibition, between the stipulated opening times.

    How will the security of the stand be handled?

    We will provide security cover for the halls. Security cover for the exhibition stand itself is a matter for the exhibitors. They are advised to take out appropriate insurance cover against such risks. During the night valuable and easily removable items should be securely locked up. Private security staff to guard the stands during the night-time may only be employed subject to written agreement by us.

    What do the’ luxury evenings’ embrace?

    The guest invitees will receive an opportunity to attend the fabulous luxury evenings spread over three days. This will include a lavishly designed homogenous-mix of sumptuous food and liquor. The evenings will further include entertainment options like plays, live jazz music and opera, stand-up comedy and ball room dancing. The guests shall include the cream of the society from the metro and surrounding cities invited exclusively.